De Jong Lelies

De Jong lelies Holland BV is a leading company, specialised in everything what has to do with lilies: from breeding and bulb-production (in Holland and New Zealand) to bulb-preparation and international wholesale.

Besides our own, exclusive “De Jong” cultivars, from our own breeding program, we deal in the whole trade assortment of Asiatics, LA-hybrids, Orientals, OT, LO and Longiflorum, available in the bulb market.

From our modern facilities in Andijk, the Netherlands, we export our quality lily-bulbs to professional flowergrowers and bulb-importers in more than 50 countries around the world and we have done so for already 50 years.

Our lily-bulbs are bought and grown by carefully chosen growers. Directly after delivery of the bulbs to our facilities they are inspected according to strict standards and after approval, further processed: after a secure decontamination treatment the bulbs are carefully packed and then stored in modern cool-chambers. Temperature and conditions in these chambers are being checked constantly to maintain optimal quality of the bulbs over longer period of time. Besides the Dutch bulbs, this also applies to the Southern Hemi-sphere bulbs, which enable us to provide our clients with fresh and good quality lily-bulbs, year-round.